730MX Brushless Motor(850KV) HML73M01


Suitable for T-REX 550E helicopters


  • The 730MX(850KV) motor armature had a special balance adjust to improve the serious shaking problem that other tiny motors have.
  • Maintenance free, high torque, high efficiency, stable and quiet.
  • High-speed ball bearings, powerful magnetic outrunner rotor.
  • Must with 550E PRO Motor Mount(H55B002XXW)、550E PRO Carbon Fiber Main Frame-2.0mm(H55B003XXW)、Motor Pinion Helical Gear 16T(H55G003XXW)

  • Specification:

  • Input voltage: 6S
  • Max continuous current: 115A/195A(5sec)
  • Max output power: 2550W/4330W(5sec)
  • KV value: 850KV
  • Stator Arms: 12
  • Magnet Poles: 8
  • Dimension: 6x52x89.1mm
  • Weight: 380g

  • Accessories:

  • Socket screw(M4X10)X4
  • Washer(Φ4XΦ10X1)X4
  • 4mm gilt terminal x 3

    • Model: HML73M01

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